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In what way are Cheap Ass Domains Cheap?

One of the most often asked questions we get is on how we are cheap. This is due to the confusing nature of the domain market nowadays where you can register a domain for £1 for the first year. Then when it comes for the renewals each year, some providers can then charge £20 every year to renew the domain. After renewing a domain for the first time with us, you are saving money.

We are open about our pricing, and like to ensure that our customers are aware of the renewal prices as-well as the price they'd pay to register the domain they want.

Will Cheap Ass Domains price match another provider?

As a rule we do not price match against any other providers as we already offer the best price available based on the wholesale price for each type of domain we sell. We prefer to offer the always great value forever pricing and not the "bait n switch" technique used by certain other providers.

Will the prices change?

As with everything over time the price of everything goes up due to factors such as inflation, and top level registries increasing their fees for particular extensions. Our renewal prices will always match the new registration price for a domain as much as feasibly possible.

What is the pricing for transferring a name to Cheap Ass Domains?

When you transfer a name in to Cheap Ass Domains the transfer fee is usually the same as the renewal cost of the domain with us. This is due to the way domain transfers work, where an additional year is added on to the domain registration during the process. This means that if the renewal with your existing provider is too high for your tastes, now would be the perfect time to transfer the domain, as the domain would transfer and renewal at our price all at the same time.

How do Cheap Ass Domains achieve their pricing?

We have taken the 'trim the fat' approach and have optimised every step in the process, and the resources involved. When you register a domain behind the scenes our systems have to communicate with the global registrars for the particular domain you register or renew, all of which can cost time or money, or matter how infinitesimally small. This even included our website, bandwidth and processing time for images costs time and money, so you won't find loads of pointless images or flashy videos on our site as you want a domain, not to look at images of generic people pointing and smiling at computer screens.